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Rooms of psychological correction

Rooms of psychological correction (sensor room) is a specially organized environ consisting of many different stimulators which effect organs of vision, hearing, smelling, feeling and vestibular receptors. Sensor rooms are used in medical and psychological practice and meant for solving the problems psychotherapeutics, social adaptation, training based on sensor stimulation.
The atmosphere of comfort and safety is created in the room of psychological correction with the help of different elements. The combination of specially selected colour scale, soft light, comfortable armchairs, quiet tender music and special light effects create a feeling  calmness and tranquility. Al this promotes improvement of emotional state, reduction of anxiety and aggressiveness, removal nervous excitement and uneasiness, normalization of sleep, activation of cerebration, acceleration of restorative processes after diseases. This doctor-room used as an additional instrument of therapy increasing efficiency of any arrangements aimed at improvement of mental and physical health of a person.

Conmet Holding Co. has designed and equipped rooms of psychological correction  for more than 9 years.  Beginning from 1998 about 50 rooms were created in cities like Moscow, Barnaul, Sterlitamak, Yelets, Lipetsk, Orel, Karachev, Samara, Khanty-Mansiysk, Uray, Chita, Makhachkala, etc. 
We ensure all varieties of works: project development, production, delivery, assembling and connection through control board of equipment with automatic safety devices to the electrical network of the building.  
 Designers, painters, experienced engineers work on creating the room. Every project is individual and developed with consideration of peculiarities of premises and the customer’s wishes.

Different themes of rooms are offered, such as: «Space», «Sea Bottom», «Forest», «Africa», «Arctic», etc. For creating  light effects in the room aqua column with highlighting water column and air-bladders, revolving mirror-ball, various panels («Waterfall», «Starry heaven», «Glowworm», «Infinity», etc.) is used. The colours of light stain are redistributed in a non-recurrent way with the help of the projector of dynamic ray in the construction of which ïðèìåíåí fibre-optic transformer is used. Ionizing air clarifier creates the effect of mountain air.
Depending on methods of using the room elements different psychological and medical effects can be achieved: from the state of full rest and tranquility – for healthy patients; to attention arresting and formation of healthy reaction to the environment - by bad ICP forms and affecting of the central nervous system.

Rooms of psychological correction are used in the work both with adults and children. Absence of dangerous articles, “soft” floor and walls give a child a feeling of safety, that is they develop independence, communication and self-service skills, promote development of motive and psychic skills. In the conditions of this room you can remove fears, neurotic state, carry on behaviour correction, hold special training or just use them for relaxation.
The efficiency of the rooms created by us is certified by diplomas of 15 international expositions.